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Omega Omicron Phi H.S. Sorority


Birth by Ms S. an Educator of VVSD who launched at Bolingbrook H.S. thereafter.  Junior S.T.A.R.S. was established to provide girls a welcoming and safe environment in which they can also reach their fullest potential. What started off as a small community venue has grown into an enterprise that’s committed to empowering young ladies of all backgrounds. We now serve teen girls in Chitown.

Once students have been active and completed the Junior STARS school based program/ club for at least one semester, they become a "Big sister." New members will be inducted in our rose ceremony which will take place at the beginning of the fall semester. Registration will be closed at that time until the end of the next school year.

If you are ready to join NOW go here to get started before registration close: Register by clicking the button

H.S. Sorority: About

Our Mission

Omega Omicron Phi came to life in 2016. Our mission is to empower young ladies into leading women of society.  Students are driven and ready to make a difference for themselves as individuals and the next generation of young ladies as a SISTERHOOD.

This program is based in Bolingbrook, Il and housed in Bolingbrook highschool.

Our principles are service, leadership, and education. These categories will help young women to blossom from a young girl into a leading young woman. Young women are blossoming roses and by joining as a member will be acknowledged as a member at our rose ceremony.


Members are active in their respective communities and demonstrate leadership while being academically focused in school, receive social support, and resources for college. 

Students are actively involved in extracurricular activities before and after school.

There is a process for new members to join. To get started, complete the form below and we will send you an email with all of the steps


Not sure if you would like to be in our sorority yet? Complete our form below for more info on other options

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As a member of Junior STARS you will already gain many benefits. Being an Omega Omicron Phi member you will also receive (all greek items can be ordered from members backoffice):

  • Greek letter t-shirt (included) 

  • Senior Breakfast (Seniors only)

  • Rose Ceremony (New members)

  • Girl Boss journal (Every member yearly)

  • Greek letter jacket (additional)

  • Greek letter bag (additional)

  • Greek letter shoes (additional)

  • Greek letter pencils/ pens (additional)

  • Greek logo wall photo (additional)

  • Greek logo journal (additional)

  • Service opportunities 

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