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Who We Are

At Junior S.T.A.R.S., we are strong, thriving, abundant, and radiant girls who shine bright. With a number of programs for high school students and middle school girls, we provide a diverse group of students with the support needed to shape them into future leaders. Our principals are based on service, leadership, and education. We have a number of educational programs, service, volunteer opportunities, and leadership initiatives that help nurture young ladies so they will develop the skills needed to carry throughout their lives and into womanhood. 


Ms. S Jones

Executive Director & Founder

Ms. S. is the visionary founder as well as an employee of VVSD. She is an Educator, Author, Legal Associate, business consultant, and credit specialist. She uses her trainings, experiences, and expertise to help youth make healthy choices and clear pathways for their future.



Mentor & VP

Mrs. Kim is a property manager and business owner. She has been supporting our initiative at BHS for over 4 years. She has built a great connection with students on real estate and more while motivating them to positively complete high school. Although she works many hours, she is always cheering for and supporting students from afar.


Mrs. P. Jones

Educator & Mentor

Mrs. Jones is an alumni of Benedictine University. She has been an Educator at BHS for over 10 years and has built a great rapport with many students while motivating them to complete high school and advance their education. She continues to support students in our program by mentoring them to be a successful leaders.


Mrs. R. Shelton


Mrs. Shelton is a mentor and parent of a former Junior Stars member and BHS graduate. She is a social worker and runs an organization to help students with autism. For the past four years, she has participated with many of our activities on and off campus as well as mentor students to make positive choices.

The Team




Our history


Since August 2017, our org has grown. This program was birth in 2016 at Chicago Park district: Golden Dome. The next year it became a successful safe haven program at Bolingbrook H.S. Students visit colleges, participate in team projects, have various workshops, virtual group meets, job opportunity, scholarship support, model in our fashion show, and much more!


Our school based leadership program prepares girls for REAL life after high school.

It takes a village

Ms. S. is the visionary founder as well as an employee of VVSD. Jones is an educator, mom, teen life strategist, author, college and career consultant, legal associate and is naturally passionate about leading teens into a healthy and bright future.  Jones is a volunteer/member of several local and national organizations including the Bolingbrook Rotary International, ABA, Will County Health Dept. Youth Leadership Council, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, IPA, and the Bolingbrook Chamber.  

Growing up on the westside of Chicago as a young girl experiencing survival tactics to attend school daily in a gang/ drug and bullying infested community; Jones later wanted to create an environment for youth to feel safe, welcomed, and be apart of a growing sisterhood of long lasting friendships. This would provide an environment that would not only lead them into a bright future, but also provide the education, necessary tools, social support, and resources to get through any obstacle and create a pathway to make their ultimate goal come to a reality.

Jones has over 17 years of experience working in fortune 500 companies as an executive administrator, customer service, and financial sales advisor. Over 11 years in the education sector, 5 years in real estate, has mentored college students, coached and mentored high school students and small business owners. She is also a former employee of the DEA. She recently won the "Best Business in Bolingbrook for Youth Services" and plans to continue pursuing her dreams. Her goal is to use her training, experiences, and expertise to help as many young women make healthy choices and clear pathways for their future.

With the help of some VVSD staff and Dr. Pascavage, she was able to implement a school based program. And with the help of local businesses and agencies they all have become the village for youth that educates, provide life skills, and enrich the lives of many teens to come. 

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We are grateful for those such as Honey Jam, Bolingbrook Bank & Trust, VVEF, and many others who believe in our mission and has sponsored our events or programs. Because of them, we have successfully helped over 90% of our students visit colleges, receive scholarships, and so much more!



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