Teen girls and boys of incarcerated or absent dads can connect with us to gain the support needed to soar: have a voice, be productive leaders in society, and advance their education. We welcome teens to join us in this beautiful journey of mentors and coaches who are ready to provide the love and support needed to move forward positively. Many forget to connect with youth that are affected by incarceration. We wanted to make sure that we haven't.


This program is very dear to Ms. S. (founder) as she too was a kid of an incarcerated parent. She personally knows what it is like to have a void when you miss dad. However, since her dad came home, they have a awesome relationship. He is always there for the family and works hard everyday. She knows the importance of youth connecting with positive influences that will help to create change and make healthy choices for teens future. You have the power to either: be apart of our program and receive great support or team with Ms. S to positively influence great change and support for many teens of incarcerated dads.

Complete the form below if you are a teen looking to be apart of this program or click the button below to go to the form and get more info as a parent, sponsor, volunteer, or partner. If you are completing this form for an incarcerated dad, please add their location ONLY in the messages.


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As a member (Must be 14-21 and live in Illinois) of our Queens & Young Kings annual program, you will have access to opportunities, resources, tools, and gain many benefits. 

  • Queen or Young Kings t-shirt (included) 

  • Annual Luncheon/ Picnic

  • 1 on 1 mentoring

  • Monthly Virtual meets (2 times a month)

  • Participation in our Christmas Operation

  • Financial & Entrepreneurial Coaching Workshops

  • Certificate for workshop completion

  • Inspirational journal 

  • Access to your very own back office w/ resources and tools

  • Scholarship resources

  • College Preparation & College Trips

  • Service opportunities