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See info on various health topics to help you to get through covid-19


Take care of your health and wellness during

and after covid-19. Your health is important too!

You are home and things are not like they were before coronavirus came. This page helps you to get through the tough times that you may experience during the covid-19. It will help you to stay focused and have a better wellness so you can stay positive and make your dreams come true.

Teen girls go through many cycles of life. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming like a ferris wheel going round and around. But, you will have to know when to make it stop or when to get off the spin. Know when enough is enough. Your ideas, creations, dreams, goals, health, and opinions all matter. You matter! 

This page will encourage you to stay on the right path of your goals and know when your health and wellness is great or low. You will be able to get the support needed to help you, your friend, or your loved one right here on this page. If you know someone who could possibly be in an extreme health issue, please contact their parent, a staff, or the police. Never sit back and watch a friend be in need of help.


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Fitness Class


Stay energetic and happy with some fun workouts. It not only has the benefits of providing you energy, but it also helps to build your confidence, strengthen your mind, body, and soul. 

Even as a beginner, you can get a good workout in 10 minutes. Just watch the inspiring teen videos and play your own music to get started! Let's go!


You are like a butterfly that has goals at different stages while blossoming into something beautiful. As you blossom, you will meet many people. Especially on social media. You will build tons of fun, exciting, and healthy relationships with those people. But, as a girl, you must know who brings you happiness, peace, and who support your goals.  But also know who brings drama, negativity, and tries to stop your goals. People who have your best interest are the ones who are on your team. They will support you to blossom beautifully.

Watch the video below and see why teen girls should think wisely in making healthy choices in all relationships (friends, family, etc.). You can also take the quiz to help a friend see if they are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship.

Healthy Green Smoothies



Nutrition is not only healthy but many healthy foods can be very tasty and make great smoothies. It helps you to have more energy, become stronger, and helps to provide nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to be fueled and focused.


Take the teen girl nutrition quiz below to see if you are eating the best foods for your body, mind, and soul. Also, watch this fun video on how you can make tasty healthy smoothies at home.


Period sis? 

Ever wonder what really happens  when girls enter puberty and have their period? Each time you said the word "menstruation," you stuttered, stammered, and could barely pronounce it.

It’s OK. Everyone is timid when talking about bodily functions, especially one as mysterious as the menstrual period.

A few days before and during your period, you might feel cramping and bloating. The cramps are caused by increased production of hormones. These hormones cause the muscles of the uterus to contract.

Many teens who have cramps with lower back pain. Some also notice nauseadiarrhea, irritability, headaches, and fatigue, among other symptoms.

To ease cramping, try applying heat to your abdomen with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Taking a warm bath may also help. Some teens find that exercise helps relieve cramps. Exercise improves blood flow and produces endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. During a period, there are usually 2-3 days of relatively heavy bleeding followed by 2-4 days of lighter flow. Menstruals also cause mood swings. There is so much more! Watch the video to get more tips and info.



No one wants to be bullied or should be bullied. What does it say about a person who bullies others? How do I know if a person is being sarcastic or actually bullying me? Why do they think this behavior is cool? Should I get back at them? Should I just go and tell a teacher, my parents, or both? Get all  the answers you need by taking the quiz and watching the video below. Know how to take action for yourself and know how and when to help your friend.

Who to Ask for Help?

download (1).png



This is where you go  to help a friend or loved one who has thoughts of harming. 




This is where you go  to get life saving resources & support to fight eating disorders. 


Police Cars


This is where you go to get help against domestic violence. Also, Check w/ your school website. 



How can you help other teens?

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