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Snack Pack Care Candy & Healer Baskets: are full of love. Many send flowers to show love or support. We are sending something fun to bring joy, love, and smiles to many especially youth.

Purchase your basket of healing today!

Candy Healing Basket include:

•2 Chocolate packs

•2 Sour patches

•2 Juice boxes

•1 bag of chips or pretzels

•1 carton of goldfish

•1 soy scented candle

• Candy balls surrounded inside

•1 Journal w/ (1) neon pen

•1 cute basket for a boy or girl or unisex

With many options to choose from your healing basket will be sure to make your loved one day.

*If you are a student of our school district, baskets can be hand delivered to your school.

*Each basket purchase supports our teen programs and helps another teen girl to be apart of our sisterhood.

Snack Pack Care Healer Basket (B)

  • There are NO returns!!

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